Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Apethorn Farm

Apethorn Farm is a Grade II listed building being an important example of an early house-type few of which remain in Greater Manchester.

Originally this was a cruck-framed longhouse from the 15th century. It was encased in rubble in the 17th century and later with brick. In 1831 it was the scene of a murder. In 1928 it was divided into cottages and then in 1993 a fire reduced to it to just the original cruck frame. In recent years it has been wrapped in order to prevent/reduce further damage. It is privately owned and there appears to be little will for renovation/restoration.

It is situated on Apethorn Road at a narrow bend.

Old photographs and a history of the farm can be found on Old Hyde.

A photograph of the barn can be found on Hyde Daily Photo.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Ice skating on Hyde Civic Square

On Friday the Christmas lights were switched on with entertainment beforehand and fireworks afterwards. It was pouring down with rain so I stayed at home, but those who braved the storm had a wonderful time by all accounts (barring the minority of always-moaners).

On Saturday an ice-skating rink was provided on the Civic Square by Ice Adventure who are based in Chorley.

Another photograph of the rink can be seen on Hyde Daily Photo.

A contribution to Blue Monday.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Renewing Owd Josh

The decorations are already up on Hyde Town Hall.

The clock and bells in Hyde Town Hall were donated by Joshua Bradley in 1884 and known affectionately as "Owd Josh".

Photographs of the inside of the clock tower can be found at Hyde, Cheshire.

Two of the clockfaces are being removed for cleaning and general restoration. This shows the the southern face partially dismantled.

A photograph of the northern face of the clock can be found on Hyde Daily Photo.

It should be back looking new again before too long.

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Standing, waiting for a train

Whilst improvement work takes place at Hyde Central Station there is nowhere for waiting passengers to sit as the old seats are behind the barriers - see Hyde Daily Photo.

According to Northern Rail they will be refurbishing the rear station wall; resurfacing the station concourse; installing improved lighting; resurfacing and improving and drainage in the car park.

A workman said they will be putting the shelter back when the work is complete.

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